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Dumbbell Blasts

Dumbell blast workout

Every exercise is 10 Reps for round 1. Then 8, 6, 4, 2. So it is a 10-2 format. Once completed a round (every exercise) start again but drop the reps by 2.

Once you’ve done 2 of everything, you’re done! Time yourself and let us know your time 🔥!

Double row
Lateral raise
Press ups
Clean & press

Dumbell workout
15 Cleans alternate per arm
15 Chest to floor burpees
15 Full sit ups

Done 😆💪🏼

Dumbell blast – 22 challenge

22 Floor press
22 alternate shoulder press seated
22 Burpees
22 Squats
22 Bicep curls

22 minutes, as many rounds as possible!

Dumbell workout 👇

Lateral raises 20 seconds
Front squats 20 seconds
Man makers 20 seconds
Thrusters 20 seconds
Devil press 20 seconds
Gorilla rows 20 seconds
Lunges 20 seconds
Straight legged deadlifts (one leg) 20 seconds
Straight legged deadlifts Other leg 20 seconds

60 sec rest repeat 5x 🥵

15 mins work 5 mins rest – 20 mins of work 💪🏼

Dumbell workout

30 seconds per exercise NO Rest – BW Means Bodyweight. The rest are with the Dumbells.

Clean & Press
Sit ups BW
Bent over rows
Press ups BW
Bicep curls
Burpees chest to floor BW
Squat thrusts BW
Clean & Press on one arm
Sit ups
Clean & Press on the other arm

R1 60 second rest
R2 45 second rest
R3 30 second rest
R4 – You’d be done when finished

Repeat 4x

Dumbell 30 minute challenge!
10 Gorilla complex
10 crawls

8 Gorilla complex
10 crawls


Dumbell Workout –

10 Squats

10 Lunges

10 Hip Thrust Press

30 seconds Static Squat Hold

8 reps of everything

40 Second Squat Hold

6 reps of everything

50 Second Squat Hold

4 reps of everything

60 Second Squat Hold

2 reps of everything

70 Second Squat Hold


Dumbell Workout:

100 Mountain Climbers

50 Star Jumps


10-2 reps of the below exercises


Front Raises

Tricep Extension

Bent Over Rows




100 Mountain Climbers

50 Star Jumps

Dumbell Workout;

20 second Challenge to start – All with the dumbbells in your hands:

Thrusters 20 seconds

High Rows 20 seconds

Hip Touches 20 seconds

Squats 20 seconds

Lunges 20 seconds

1 minute Plank

Repeat again with a 45 second plank to finish, the 30 seconds plank to finish and finally 15 second plank to finish So this would be 4 rounds in total!

Part 2 –

5 Snatch per arm

5 Turkish get ups per arm

5 Double bicep curls

5 Squats

Rest 60s (or 30seconds if possible) and go again!

3 rounds for this one

1 minute plank to finish

Dumbell Workout;

XFit Style

10 Devil Press

10 Press Up Squat Thrusts

10 Thrusters with weights raised

30 second Plank

30 seconds Chest 2 Floor Burpees

Repeat 5x Straight through!

Dumbell ;

12 Thrusters

12 Deadlifts

12 Devil press

100 mountain climbers

10 of all

80 mountain climbers

8 of all

60 mountain climbers

6 of all

40 mountain climbers

4 of all

20 mountain climbers

2 of all

Let us know your time

Dumbell workout

This is a simple Pyramid style workout. It keeps you focused knowing exactly how long you’ve got left in your head. Remember, you do what YOU can do. Good luck.

10 Dumbell snatch per hand

10 C2F Burpees

10 Kneel down stand press (Squat press if you have bad knees)

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Time yourself, let us know your time.



Head to toe workout!

Rear dealt flies x12

Arnold press x12

Thruster x12

Bent over row x12

Bent over rear dealt flies x12

Backward lunges x12

Squats x12

Straight legged deadlifts x12

1.5-2 Minute rest

Repeat 3x. If you’re feeling good to go again, hit a fourth round or go for a small jog. This session isn’t a cardio one, so if you’re wanting a sweaty one, get some cardio involved at the end. Or do the bodyweight one this week right away afterwards.

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