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4. Training

What are reps?

Reps are the amount of times you repeat a movement.

What are sets?

Sets are the amount of times you repeat the number of movements.

What are rests?

Rests are strict on this program! If the rest is 30 seconds even if your tired try as hard as you can to start the set as soon as 30 seconds is up. If you feel fit and want to start early DON’T!

How many times do you complete the home workout a week?

The program must be completed 5 times a week.

When is the best time to exercise?

You exercise around your lifestyle. The earlier in the day you exercise the better as it gives you less chance of finding a reason not to exercise.

If you experience any abnormal pain contact the coach by either WhatsApp or the contact the coach form.

When should I change my exercise level?

There are 3 levels of exercise Beginner (LEVEL 1), Intermediate (LEVEL 2) and Advanced (LEVEL 3). Always attempt the hardest level you can and if you need to regress part way through the exercise that is fine. As soon as you are ready to return to harder level … do it!

How does the timer work?

When you start the home workout press ‘START’ on the timer and when you have finished the whole program press ‘STOP’ and the time will be submitted.

What are DOMS?

DOMS are the ache you feel up to 72 hours after exercise. In its simplest terms DOMS are caused by the inflammation due to small muscle tears from exercise.

Why do I feel sick?

On your first few sessions it is normal to feel uncomfortable sometimes sick and sometimes dizzy … that is your nervous system trying to shut you down.

Listen to your body but be mentally tough it does get easier!



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