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Transformation Tuesday

Another client smashing her training, but this blog isn’t about HER without any disrespect to our client haha!

This is about YOU and how YOU can achieve the fitness goals you deserve, Man or Woman.

Four key elements that we focus on with our clients to get them to achieve their goals, no matter what it is or where they start. We have devised them into four simple tips:

1:) Training – No matter what you are doing, train. It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to train.

2:) Nutrition – Get your food bought. DO NOT buy any cr#p. That way you won’t fall off the wagon as there is nothing in thats detrimental to your Results.

3:) Support – Get a friend or a family member or even a Personal Trainer. Someone you can check in with or even share each other’s story to stay motivated!

4:) RESULTS – BE REALISTIC. Set yourself goals, but be focused on how REAL they are. Set your goals every 4-6 weeks and take progress pictures. It’s a marathon not a sprint.


Hope this helps guys,

Peace out.